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Connection Ministries

At Calvary connecting with one another in the love of Christ by the example of the early church is one of our goals.  Building relationships and growing together through events, home hospitality, relatable experiences, studies, and interaction.  

There are groups for all walks of life whether you are retired, an empty nester, school age kids at home or maybe even single.  It doesn't matter, there is a place for you to become involved and welcomed.

If you have questions please let our staff know and we can guide to a leader near you.  (If you are interested in leading a group please contact Pastor Clark or Pastor Jeff.)

We have listed some of our groups and a short description which will help you find a connection place.

Jim & Donna Marchand

Jim and Donna are both retired teachers.  They have been pastors in the past and have spent time as part time missionaries but presently spend part of their summer working at teen camps.   

Bible Study type setting with refreshments.  All ages and walks welcome.

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Wayne & Lois  Smith

Wayne and Lois are retired pastors that have served for many years.  The Smith's will be focusing on Bible Study type meetings during the week,

Tues 10:00-11:30 at Calvary. 

Example topics "The love language of I John".

(No child care)

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Dave & Teresa Passuello

Dave and Teresa focus on outings, lessons, and interactive activities for the empty nest individuals.  Normally meet after the AM Sunday service at their home with a meal and fellowship.  They also help with our motorcycle rides. 

(No child care)

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Tony & Faith Fraticelli

Tony and Faith's group is focused to our families with younger children.  Being parents themselves of three children, (eight,seven, & one years old), life can get a little crazy, good for your 20-40's who are wanting connections.   Food, lessons, games and outings.

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Josh & Tiffany Pearman

 The Pearman's are your typical young married family with smaller kids, (seven,five, & three).  Who know what it's like in the crazy, hectic, and sometimes chaotic day to day routine which they call  "The Tunnel Years".  A place to connect with adults, grow together spiritually and learn together on how to lead a Godly family.

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Eric & Desiree' Samples

The Sample's invite you to join them at their home for a time of connection and spiritual growth.  They have three children ages ten, seven, & four not counting their 14 year old dog.   As you walk with Christ the relationships you make with others are key in support and strength. 

Children are welcome. 

Food, Fun, Friendships

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Bethany Clark

Bethany is our young adult leader.  This is the college age up to your 30's who are single and looking for some fun activities, fellowship and applying God's Word in your everyday life.  Get ready for some laughs as you grow together.

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Kyle & Erica Johnson

The Johnson's are one of two teams whose purpose is to introduce families into small groups.  It will be a one-on-one (family) setting to get to know you and find out what connections can be beneficial for your season in life.  So if you don't know what small group you should go to, this can be your first visit. 

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Gary & Cathy Lattanzi

The Lattanzi's small group will have interaction for our retired community.  Small group topics Bible studies, current events, and life as a senior.  Time spent with meals, conversation and personal spiritual growth. 

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Pastor Jeff & Donna Martin

Pastor Jeff and Donna will be working with families who are still looking for a place to call home within our small group community.  They have years of experience loving on people.  They will focus on a more one-on-one style interaction. 

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